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In addition, a number of notable personalities have also contributed to the round, such as founders and co-founders Aave, 1inch, Synthetix, as well as Ryan Sean Adams of Bankless and Anthony Sassano of Daily Gwei. New era for the DeFi industry.

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A canonical episode with the decentralized trading protocol's creator Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman Apr 5, 2021 6 Get access to Market Mondays , early podcast episodes, the Bankless Badge, and more. Get on the Bankless Program Hayden Adams is the inventor of Uniswap, the decentralized trading protocol.




Ryan runs a newsletter program called Bankless which helps people level up on open finance on a weekly basis. He also leads investments and staking strategy at Mythos. ... Ryan Sean. Ryan Sean Adams Crypto investor. Co-Founder of Bankless. Member of Bankless DAO. Slowly breaking up with my bank. On twitter at https://twitter.com/ryansadams. 🏴 William M. Peaster Writer and editor of Metaversal, the Bankless NFT newsletter. On the Ethereum, DeFi, and NFT beats. @WPeaster on Twitter Lucas Campbell Editor | 🔥 _🔥 Andrew Steinwold.

Subscribe to the Bankless program below. Who’s the author? I’m Ryan Sean Adams, a crypto Investor at Mythos, an open finance maximalist, a lover of Ethereum and Bitcoin, and a.

Bankless 创始人 Ryan Sean Adams: FTX 之所以失败,是因为它是由政府而非代码监管的。 DeFi 没有失败,因为它已经受到代码的监管。 代码就是监管。 黄金支持者 Peter Schiff: 更多的政府监管不是解决办法。 FTX 的教训是让投资者进行更好的尽职调查,而不是愚蠢地跳上投机狂潮。 此外,我们需要由自由市场而非中央银行设定利率的稳健货币。 ShapShift 创始人 Erik.